Jeff Salz Way of AdventureJeff's Approach ... a brief conversation

Jeff, what is unique about your presentations?
Jeff: I help audience members rediscover potential for meaning and passion from within their jobs. I'm often told that my keynotes don't just change the course of a meeting; they change the course of a life. The secret of their power is that they continue to affect audience participants in positive ways long after the event is over, that they work from the inside out.

You strongly prefer the term 'inspirational' to 'motivational' speaker. Why is that?
Jeff: Meeting organizers have grown tired of the classic motivational, chest-thumping "hey-I-climbed-Everest-and-you-can-too" message - the "you can do anything" message that washes off in the morning. I encourage audience members to probe deeper and ask, "What is worth doing? And how can I do it in the context of the life I presently have?" When we have reconnected to a sense of purpose then anything truly is possible. A sense of personal mission, an insistence on joy and a dedication to service provide the kind of profound motivation that sustains us over time.

How would you summarize your key message in one sentence?
Jeff: Real adventure is not about doing anything different, but about doing everything differently.

So what is the ultimate effect on your audiences?
Jeff: My audiences walk away awakened to the adventure they are having wherever they are and whatever they are doing right now. It can come as quite a shock to realize that the biggest opportunity for excitement is located smack dab in the center of daily life and work. That's what I call 'the adventure of a lifetime'.


"Exceptional presentation, the best I have attended. The visuals really helped us take the journey with you"

"Fun, entertaining, touched my life"

"The best I have ever been lucky enough to attend. Truly inspirational and real!"

"This presentation made the whole trip. INCREDIBLE!"

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